Sunday, April 20, 2014

FAVOR Hits Video-on-Demand Everywhere TOMORROW!

Hey everyone,

So tomorrow, April 22nd, is the end of a 3 1/2 year journey: my movie FAVOR will finally be released, hitting Video-on-Demand via iTunes, Vudu, Google Plus, XBox, PS3, Youtube, Amazon, and as a Pay-Per-View title on every major cable provider in North America.  If you have access to either the internet or a TV, you can see it, wherever you are and on the device of your choosing.

And of course I hope you WILL see it, and thru the service most convenient for you.  After all, we made this movie to be enjoyed by an audience.  If you like to kick back and check out flicks via DirecTV on your 70" man-cave mega-screen, terrific.  Oh, you dig peeping movies on your phone over your Google Play app?  Awesome.

However, if iTunes is your jam, we have a special offer for you.  Why iTunes?  Because of all the platforms we'll be featured on, iTunes is considered the yardstick by which success on VOD is measured.  It's the Coca Cola of VOD, and as such we've decided to add an extra incentive to hopefully shore up our ranking on their charts when FAVOR is released tomorrow.

Here's the offer - if you rent or purchase FAVOR tomorrow (Tuesday, April 22nd) on iTunes, you can get access to our 28-minute comedic behind the scenes documentary PARTY FAVOR, which contains outtakes, bloopers and all manner of on-set shenanigans.  This offer is also extends to anyone who has pre-ordered the film.

Here's how you collect - simply send any proof of purchase you like (a copy of your iTunes e-receipt, a screen cap of your iTunes window, a picture of your AppleTV display) to  That's it.  We'll then email you back with a private link to watch PARTY FAVOR.  This documentary has never been seen before, and right now this is the only way to get access to it.

I want to thank everyone who's been behind our little production from the beginning - friends, family, our insanely dedicated cast and crew, festival staffs, journalists, incredible audiences and our wonderful Kickstarter backers, with whom there would be no movie for you to see tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoy FAVOR as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.



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